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Siddharth Services offers a range of services, each focused on creating an individualized program where special consideration is given to the individual’s needs and requirements. Typically, potential clients are referred to our company through word of mouth by guardians and case managers. If you have questions about the services, please call Renu Basur, Managing Director at (603) 935-7248 Ext 101 or email her at

Enhanced Family Care

Individuals with disabilities in need of a comfortable home are placed with a caring and experienced individual, couple or family. The individual becomes a part of their family and receives support to pursue their personal goals and successfully live in their community. The individuals are matched, based on needs, interests, preferences, and goals with home care providers who wish to share their homes with individuals who need support so they can live in their community. The individual gets to have their own room with access to all basic amenities such as cable, phone, and internet.

The individuals can receive either Residential and Day services also known as “Whole Life” or Residential Services. An individualized program is built for the individual, employing a program design that is easily tailored to each individual’s needs and strengths. The program objective is to help them adapt to live in their community independently and continue to maintain and build meaningful relationships with other members of that community.

Day Program

Individualized day programs are custom built for each individual to help them pursue their personal goals and to support successful integration into the community. The daily schedule is a structured schedule of an individuals’ preferred activities which are reviewed with them daily. The support staff help the individuals to transition through activities by providing them positive verbal reinforcement and cues, prior to completing an activity. The client to support staffing ratio is based on the level of support required by the individual. The individuals are supported in curriculum-based, skill building programs which include but not limited to: seeking employment; supporting during employment and volunteering; healthy lifestyle choices, enhancing vocational skills such as computer skills; as well as accessing and learning from educational resources, and learning safety skills. In addition, activities and get-togethers with peers or other community members are planned to encourage socialization, personal expression through the arts, and participation in community activities.

Respite Services

Respite services are a short term care commitment to give the individual’s primary caregivers temporary relief. The transition process is taken into account, offering the same plan and scheduling as with their primary caregiver. This service gives the caregiver time to recuperate while maintaining the same high level of service.

Clinical and Consultation Services

Our staffs strive to meet the needs of individuals based on receiving a specialized medical professionals’ consultation. Behavioral consultants and psychologists evaluate the needs of our consumers, providing counsel and psychological support, as needed. They work closely with the Program Director to build a program in order to help individuals manage their target behaviors, as well as define support strategies for the support staff. We work with various NH Community Mental Health Centers to obtain additional support for our clients.

Nursing Services

Nursing services are offered to clients in accordance with the He – M 1201 State Regulations. Our company nurse trainers organize training for the home care providers and certify them for administration of medications to the individual. The nurse trainer educates the home care providers and staff on the individual’s medical needs and health concerns and while familiarizing herself with individual’s medical condition, keeping up to date on his or her health conditions. Quality assurance checks are performed every quarter to ensure proper administration of medication and timely actions on healthcare matters. 24 hour, on-call emergency services are also available.