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For over a decade, Siddharth Services, Inc. has been helping the New Hampshire and Massachusetts areas with specialized services for people with physical and intellectual disabilities, as well as behavioral, emotional, and psychiatric disorders. Our team of behaviorists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, doctors and nurses strive to provide individualized care to every person we serve. Our objective is to develop individualized program to provide high-quality, intensive, comprehensive services and supports that are designed to meet the unique and evolving needs of the individuals we serve and their families, helping them to enjoy an increased level of independence and quality of life, and live successfully in the community.

Our foundation has been formed upon four core values. Those values are Integrity, People, Innovation, and Shared Prosperity. By instilling these values into every facet of our work, our clients, support staff, guardians, and our entire team strive to develop the best environment possible.

Integrity: Integrity is what we do for the people we serve when no one is looking.

People: The driving force of our work is to increase the level of independence and quality of life of the people we serve, and support their inclusion into society and ongoing success in the community.

Innovation: We work creatively to meet our consumers’ unique, complex needs in the least restrictive, most normative, but clinically appropriate, community-based environment.

Shared Prosperity: We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity of our community. Our ambitions are broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of the people we serve, for their sake and for our own.